All Dogs Are Perfect

Think your dog is perfect? Me too. They may shed everywhere. They may drool on you when you eat pizza. They may bark at nothing in the middle of the night. But they are still perfect to you. All the flaws and kooky behavior make them the perfect little wiggle butts they are. 

Once upon a time, I fell in love with dogs and that love endured. Their sweet eyes, their cold noses, their unconditional love and fierce protection made me weak in the knees. My dogs are my family and I treat them as such. They come first, they are my everything. 

When I sit outside on my patio looking up at the sun, moon or stars I have my sweet pups next to me every time. They are my constant companions. When I cry they lick my tears away. When I laugh, one will roll on her back and I swear she's laughing with me. The love I feel for them is never ending. When you feel unconditional acceptance, nothing else can hold a candle to it. 

Love is love. All dogs are perfect. The end.